1989 World Tour: Little Big Town takes the stage! Backstage with Kelsea Ballerini and Rachel Platten

(Source: Taylor Swift via Twitter)
(Source: Taylor Swift via Twitter)

Floating is all I wanna do, Taylor Nation.

I believe this article is very close to spoiler-free, but if you’re going to absolute zero knowledge you’d be best turning around now. This only happened here. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania received Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour with open arms, and the Sparkly Dressed was decided to give them something extra. The special guest at Heinz Field on Saturday, June 6 was none other than country group Little Big Town.

They went with their hit Pontoon, which I guess that’s what they thought best. I’d have gone with their newest song Girl Crush or even their other hit Day Drinking but I guess they went for maximum exposure. A shoutout to TaylorTalk‘s own Steve Ditch for capturing the whole thing. Update! Original clip removed, so we had to find a new one.

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It was also a night of firsts, and the Queen of Sparks also brought country singers Kelsea Ballerini and Rachel Platten backstage for some girl-power time. Here’s Taylor joining into Blink 182 with the wrong lyrics. I can completely relate to this scenario.


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Here’s a jam session singing along to Rachel Platten’s This Is My Fight Song and banging the tables.


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Here’s Little Big Town jamming to Girl Crush, which means it’s time for some interpretative dancing.


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Here’s a wide take of the entire group as we go into Kelsea Ballerini’s Yeah Boy.


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Up next… Taylor brings the 1989 World Tour to Charlotte, NC this Monday, June 8.

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