1989 Tour North Carolina: Charlotte! Raleigh! Shake It Off gets a lip dub you want to see

(Photo: Courtney Mascarella via Instagram)
(Photo: Courtney Mascarella via Instagram)

Hope you don’t mind sharing, Taylor Nation. Light on spoilers.

It’s a busy week for the Lightning On Her Feet singer/songwriter as she draw a crowd on 15,000 to the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, NC on Monday, June 8. According to CLTure, she made the city glow brighter in her wake. She would again perform the very next day, June 9, at the PNC Arena in Raleigh for a sold out crowd according to News Observer.

Now I can really call her the Sparkly Dressed, take a look at the pic on your right. Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s tired from flying in from Montreal to Nashville, we don’t have Taylor’s energy (nobody does). The reviews of Taylor’s concert have been amazingly positive ones.

Very spoiler-heavy is CLTure‘s review which is an almost full recap of her concert in Charlotte (so click carefully). You’ll have to wait until July until I can do the play-by-play myself. By the way, Jack Antonoff was in the audience positively thrilled at what his amazing contributions have become. I specially would love to know what he thinks about I Wish You Would.

I love that News Observer proclaims her staying power during their review of Raleigh. I also loved this phrase from David Menconi, “No wonder she still likes to pause onstage, take in the whole scene with a sidelong glance and smile mischievously. You would, too.” It’s really obvious to us her fans, but everyone else seems to need a reminder.

Here’s a fan collage that the Queen of Sparks got to see at the PNC Arena in Raleigh.


And finally, here’s Shake It Off as a lip dub made by Cinnaminson High School. You want to see this.

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Up next! Philadelphia! Cologne, Germany! I get some sleep! Ok, not that last one.

The 1989 World Tour in Charlotte, NC
(Source: Taylor Swift via Twitter)

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(Sources: CLTureNews Observer)