Nashville Diaries: Return to the Music City! Megan and Liz!



I’m going back to Nashville, thinking about the whole thing…

It’s been a while since we did a report from Nashville. This time, my focus is more on certain events that CMA Fest as a whole. I’m not doing the crazy late night concerts at LP Field. I know I may be missing a few surprises, but I want to concentrate on everything else going on. I don’t have any meet ups at the Fan Fair either. I still thought I’d do a little recap.

I didn’t expect to actually run into someone on my first day, but sometimes Nashville happens. After flying all morning, I took a bus down South Avenue to grab a sandwich at Fido’s down at Hillsboro Village. While I was waiting for my meal, I caught a glimpse of two familiar faces in the corner.


You probably remember Megan and Liz, the amazing singers that started in YouTube. They opened for Taylor Swift’s iHeartRadio Music Festival performance back in 2012. Took a while to muster the courage to get up and say hello, but when I did they were the nicest people ever.

Megan and Liz will be performing at the CMA Fest. They’re scheduled to appear at the Chevrolet Roadhouse Stage on Friday, June 12 at 12:30pm. Check your listings (the CMA Fest app) for changes.

To them, I’m sorry I was a little loopy (more than normal than is). I had stepped off the plane and had not eaten for twelve hours. Anyhow, that’s my excuse. Embrace your loopy side folks. That’s my excuse for being awkward, but I love meeting people, honest!

Up next! Exclusive livestream of me sleeping for nine hours straight. Oh wait, zero people wanted to see that. Another time then. Gotta catch some breakfast in a few.

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