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Nashville Diaries: Elizabeth Huett at CMA Fest 2015. A preview.

June 13, 2015

There’s more to come, music fans 🙂

The beautiful and talented Elizabeth Huett took the AT&T U-verse Showcase Stage at CMA Fest 2015 for a brief Q&A followed by a performance of three new songs from her upcoming album. No dates and no name yet. Hopefully soon. No, not yet. Patience.



With a sizable crowd of Lizettes and Lizards in attendance, she answered a few questions from the presenter. You probably remember one of the songs she wrote, Put My Heart Down, ended up being sang by Sara Evans. She also spoke about her time with Taylor Swift fondly, as she absorbed all experience like a sponge, calling it “The University of Swift.”

Liz and her band took the stage to perform three new songs: What You Do To Me, It’s Been Real and Cheap Champagne. I’m not a professional music journalist, so trying to describe her sound is a bit of a challenge. I would describe it a little Lady-Antebellum-esque.

We might have a little more media (and writing) to share with y’all, but my hotel’s internet seems to come through a straw so there’s little chance of me sharing clips at the moment. Consider this a preview. For now 🙂



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