Video Showcase: Elizabeth Huett takes the stage at CMA Fest 2015!

Hello Lizettes and Lizards!

You probably remember the beautiful and talented Elizabeth Huett from her time touring with Taylor Swift and the Agency. She made quite an impression on festival goers at the Showcase Stage in the Music City Center during CMA Fest 2015. Here at the Swift Agency, a guy who was lucky enough to be in attendance, we though you’d like to see and hear what she’s been up to since embarking on her own solo career.

These are only short clips of each song. This Liz Huett’s own unreleased music, so it doesn’t really fall on me to release it. This is just a taste of what’s coming up.

What You Do To Me

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It’s Been Real

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Cheap Champagne

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Liz answered a short Q&A on stage where she described, among other things, her time with Taylor.

I toured with her for just under four years. I got the job with her at young age so I didn’t go to a University of music. I kind of reference that season of my life as my University of music. I took notes the whole time and I was just trying to sponge out all of the knowledge and ability and skill and professionalism that I got to witness while on the road with her. I kind of made mental notes the whole day and hoped that one day when I went out on my own I would put it to good use. So it was a good learning experience: the University of Taylor Swift. Not a bad gig.

– Elizabeth Huett at CMA Fest 2015

That’s it, there is no more. Ok, wait that’s incorrect. There’s just one more thing. I was lucky enough to talk to her one more time. And you’ll learn all about that soon. Stay tuned 🙂


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