1989 World Tour London: Taylor’s Squad on the runway at Hyde Park, but is it in Style? An Editorial.

(Photo: Brian Rasic/LP5/Getty Images via Taylor Swift)
(Photo: Brian Rasic/LP5/Getty Images via Taylor Swift)

Critique coming up, Taylor Nation.

The Sparkly Dressed gave out a huge concert at British Summer Time Hyde Park. As it’s getting to be a thing, she brought out some famous friends to walk the catwalk during Style, turning into a runway. According to the Telegraph, “It may have seemed as if the US star was there solely to be worshipped by her screaming, ecstatic fans – and yet, as the night wore on, it became clear this wasn’t exactly the case. Instead, in spite of all her super-polished, bedazzling charm, she was there to confess.” You can read the full story at the Telegraph.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who might be slightly better at finding the words to write rather than speak, we’re not huge fans of the here-to-be-seen portion. Let me explain. I love Taylor’s constantly expanding circle of friends. Besides mainstays Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, Martha Hunt and Cara Delevigne, the audience got to see Serena Williams and Kendall Jenner walk the catwalk turned runway for Style. A more subtle attendee, United Nations’ own Women Goodwill Embassador, actress and activist Emma Watson was in the audience and got some backstage time with Taylor’s Squad.

I’m all for surprise musical guests. I’m a bit reticent to applaud the whole models and celebs walk the runway schtick. This is a bit conflicted because supermodels and celebrities don’t really need this exposure. I know a lot of them have fans and Taylor’s Squad itself has become a very fashionable clique. On the other hand, I’m so glad to learn that Serena Williams was there. I’m still on the fence on whether bringing out celebs is a good thing. I could just see it as a celebration of female power, and honestly that’s what I’m going with for now. I still prefer when she brings out a musical guest instead.

You can still be a fan of Taylor Swift and not necessarily 100% approve of everything she does 🙂 The only two people that decide if you are a Taylor Swift fan are you and Taylor Swift, everyone else is irrelevant. That being said, if you want to unfollow/unsubscribe/grrr me, go right ahead (be nice in comments though, I tolerate opposition but not rudeness).

Up next, the 1989 World Tour goes to Ireland, and soon enough she’s back on this side of the Atlantic for her first two Canadian concerts… Holy crap, she’s coming here. I gotta clean up.

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(Sources: Telegraph, TheSwiftAgency.com)

2 thoughts on “1989 World Tour London: Taylor’s Squad on the runway at Hyde Park, but is it in Style? An Editorial.

  1. FINALLY. This post is exactly what I thought. I don’t really like the whole ‘I’m bringing my celeb friends out for à concert to dance with them and walk with them’ thingy. I like that she enjoys spending time with them, but a concert is to me about music, not about showing us how famous she is. Still, I feel like I’m betraying Taylor dating this. But like you said, I’m still à Taylor fan, thats noone else’s business. I kust think I would’ve liked it better if she had brought Ellie goulding onstage and danced and sang with her. It would’ve still been a dance party, only more about the music and fun music comes with than about status.

  2. I’m with you about the “walk the runway”… I will also prefer to see (and hear) a duet with Ellie Goulding or even better with some young artist… But It’s her show and she can chose to do what she want! 🙂

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