Inside 1989 World Tour Dublin: Taylor reminisces with Holy Ground

(Source: TaylorNation13 via Twitter)
(Source: TaylorNation13 via Twitter)

I guess it’s a spoiler, Taylor Nation.

The Sparkly Dressed brought her 1989 World Tour to the 3arena in Dublin, Ireland for the nights of June 29 and June 30. If I had to guess what song would actually get a new version out of the blue, I would’ve never guessed Holy Ground. It’s one of those songs from the Red album that I deemed a rock song, good as an opener, not really a ton of surprises except for the fast tempo. Incredibly enough, Taylor actually takes the tempo down several notches and turns it into a ballad. I love this little experiments with known songs but it’s even better with songs that are not as memorable or iconic from the previous era.

I was reminiscing just the other day… Does sound like a classic on acoustic, eh?


Here at the Swift Agency, just one guy that should look into ironing his suit, we’re happy to announce that the 1989 World Tour comes back to this side of the pond to perform in Canada! Ottawa gets first dibs, but coming right after it’s my adoptive home town of Montreal 🙂 This is going to be fun!

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