1989 World Tour Washington DC: Lorde! Jason Derulo! Rain came pouring down

(Source: 13 Management via Twitter)
(Source: 13 Management via Twitter)

That’s when I could finally breathe, Taylor Nation.

I’ve said this before but I prefer smaller venues. The stadiums are great, there’s more people, more exposure and more than likely you’re going to get bigger guests. Washington DC got Lorde and Jason Derulo. In a smaller venue, chances are you’re a bit closer to your artist. The other disadvantage for huge venues is the elements. Wind and rain can be a factor when we’re talking an open stadium.

The 1989 World Tour at Nationals Park in Washington DC had a bit of a rain issue. For the first night on Monday July 13, the catwalk lifts were affected leaving our Fearless leader stuck until the problem was repaired. For the second night on Tuesday July 14, prevention was in order. HAIM played a shorter set. A couple of songs had to be cut from Taylor’s setlist (collective gasp). That can’t be helped. It sucks and I hope you understand that Taylor and her team decide on this things primarily for the safety of the audience.

Lorde and Taylor sang Royals, while with Jason DeRulo they sang Want To Want Me.

Up next, the 1989 World Tour takes off to Chicago, Illinois which is one short flight from here and I could totally go. I can’t be that greedy though, I just had to sell my tickets to Nashville since I can’t afford hotel or airfare. That does mean two more fans will get to see the 1989 World Tour 🙂

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(Sources: 13 Management via Twitter)