News Update: 1989 Edmonton goes Fearless. Wildest Dreams is the next single. Ryan Adams covers 1989

She wanted to ask you to dance right there, Taylor Nation

Edmonton, Alberta had a chance to go back in time with a little nostalgia when the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar decided to give them a moment to capture and remember. The Captain of the Squad decided to regal the audience with an acoustic rendition of Fearless.

And Taylor broke social networking with this announcement:

But karma can come around and Taylor herself passed out when Ryan Adams decided to cover the entire 1989 album. We. Need. To. Hear. This. Here’s a few clips, done in different classic rock styles. Can you recognize the songs?

Up next, yours truly takes a little vacation but somehow we’re still blogging. So… how is this a vacation again? Oh well.

(Source: Ryan Adams via Twitter)
(Source: Ryan Adams via Twitter)

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(Sources: YouTube, @TaylorSwift13, @TheRyanAdams)