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News Update: 1989 Edmonton goes Fearless. Wildest Dreams is the next single. Ryan Adams covers 1989

August 7, 2015

She wanted to ask you to dance right there, Taylor Nation

Edmonton, Alberta had a chance to go back in time with a little nostalgia when the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar decided to give them a moment to capture and remember. The Captain of the Squad decided to regal the audience with an acoustic rendition of Fearless.

And Taylor broke social networking with this announcement:

But karma can come around and Taylor herself passed out when Ryan Adams decided to cover the entire 1989 album. We. Need. To. Hear. This. Here’s a few clips, done in different classic rock styles. Can you recognize the songs?

Up next, yours truly takes a little vacation but somehow we’re still blogging. So… how is this a vacation again? Oh well.

(Source: Ryan Adams via Twitter)

(Source: Ryan Adams via Twitter)

Coming up on the Calendar!

(Sources: YouTube, @TaylorSwift13, @TheRyanAdams)


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