Inside The 1989 World Tour: The Agency and the Starlights take the spotlight!

(Source: Amos Heller via Instagram)
(Source: Amos Heller via Instagram)

One day they’ll tell the story of us, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who doesn’t get into drama because he already chose writing, we’re glad to actually find some videos that won’t get shut down. XFINITY recently released another video from their series on The 1989 World Tour.

Now it’s The Agency’s turn. The little five-piece touring band that are capable of covering and playing every Taylor Swift song plus have the ability to play the hits that the surprise guests bring along. Amos Heller, Paul Sidoti, Mike Meadows, David Cook and Matt Billingslea (in order from the oldest to the most recent member) are the world-class musicians that tour with Taylor Swift.

Add to that, the lovely and talented vocalists known as the Starlights. Clare Turton, Eliotte Nicole, Kamilah Marshall and Melanie Nyema do the rare honors of harmonizing with the Sparkly Dressed.

As a bonus, this is actually XFinity’s full 1989 World Tour playlist, so you can watch all the videos they’ve posted so far. You’re welcome 😉

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Up next! The 1989 World Tour lands in Salt Lake City.

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(Sources: Xfinity via YouTube)

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