1989 World Tour Houston: See You Again, with Wiz Khalifa!

(Source: Taylor Swift via Twitter)
(Source: Taylor Swift via Twitter)

It’s been a long day without you, my friend, Taylor Nation.

Minute Maid Park was the last location of the 1989 World Tour this Wednesday, September 9. Taylor Swift brought out Wiz Khalifa to sing his hit See You Again. It was a moment, but hardly the only one you’ll live through when you attend one of Taylor’s carefully crafted concert extravaganzas.

I know we love the surprise guests, but I’m glad I can attest to the whole concert experience being worth your attention and your admiration. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t get a surprise guest at your concert, the most important artist there was the Blonde With The Sparkly 1989 Microphone.


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Up next! The 1989 World Tour starts a three-day Swift-fest in St. Paul, Minnesota at the Xcel Energy Center.

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(Sources: Taylor Swift via Twitter)