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That’s How The World Works: Taylor appears on Ellen, Ellen appears on the 1989 World Tour

September 10, 2015
(Source: Taylor Swift via Twitter/Instagram)

(Source: Taylor Swift via Twitter/Instagram)

Shoulders back, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who often struggles between being nice to people and living under a rock, we wonder if we can be nice from under the protection of some rocky formation. The Sparkly Dressed filmed a segment for The Ellen DeGeneres Show and because that’s how the world works, we get to see it on YouTube today.

To be honest, and you might not like to hear this one, I don’t think Ellen knocks every one of her funny quirks out of the park every single time. The whole annoy-Taylor-because-Im-Ellen gig does get old. Taylor, on the other hand, I find hilarious any day of the week. Sometimes I think I might be a tad biased. Nah, not possible.

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

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