The Cutting Room Floor: An Emmy for Tay. Fix your 1989 Tour Bracelet. And put some clothes on.

(Source: Taylor Swift via Instagram)
(Source: Taylor Swift via Instagram)

So, if a fire alarm goes off you should put some damn clothes on, Taylor Nation.

Yes, this is one of those rare compilation of “I don’t know where to put this stuff so it all goes into this salad” posts. The Sparkly Dressed won an Emmy. I hear you saying, “Wait a second Old Man Swift, that’s TV…” Well, The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Taylor Swift has won an Emmy due to her executive producer credits on an interactive program called AMEX Unstaged: Taylor Swift Experience. Yes, it’s that app you downloaded based off the Blank Space video directed by Joseph Kahn!

So, about that fire alarm…

Seriously, I’m 100% with Andrea here. That is some sound advice. You don’t want to be walking out of a fire in a robe. I’d put some clothes on. I’m not joking, put some damn clothes on! No, a robe is not clothes, put some clothes on! I expected this clip to go on as Tay would then add a top hat, then an umbrella… Ok, ok, I will knock it off.

And here’s a clip that I found, and I know there’s a few of these out there, on how to change the battery of your 1989 World Tour bracelet. It also details how you should seal the bracelet again (don’t use glue) so that you can re-open it again the next time it runs out.

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Up next! The 1989 World Tour starts a three-day Swift-fest in St. Paul, Minnesota at the Xcel Energy Center.

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