News Update: Taylor’s nine MTV EMA Nominations. The 1989 World Tour special guests.

It’s voting time again, Taylor Nation.

T-Swizzle is the frontrunner for the MTV EMA 2015 to be held in Milan on October 25. She has nine nominations:

(Source: MTV EMA)
(Source: MTV EMA)
  • Best US Act
  • Best Pop
  • Best Female
  • Best Live Act
  • Best Look
  • Best Song for Bad Blood
  • Best Video for Bad Blood
  • Best Collaborations for Bad Blood featuring Kendrick Lamar
  • Biggest Fans vote with #EMABiggestFansTaylorSwift

Technically the last one is for us the fans but we’ll allow the Queen of Sparks to collect it if it happens.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy that chases that elusive medium between honesty and truth, we know we might lose you here and there. In truth, I am biased towards the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar and I think she should win. But in honesty, she’s swept up the MTV EMAs once before and I suspect that happened largely because she was present (sorry to invoke my They-Win-Because-They-Attend rule for the umpteenth time). Perhaps I got my honesties and truths mixed up. Never mind.

On September 25, Taylor is playing her first date in Nashville, TN. That puts the odds against her, but she’s been known to defy those odds once or twice depending on her popularity at the moment. My best guess is not a clean sweep, but I do expect her to win at least one if not more and accept via satellite. So, get voting.

On other news, you should check out this article on Taylor’s 1989 World Tour secret guests on Yahoo! However, if you want a complete list I would suggest my own 1989 World Tour Surprise Guests and Secret Songs page.

Up next, the Enchantress performs in Indianapolis tonight, September 16.

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