The 1989 World Tour Team Taylor: Thanks for all you do. Vacation time at Hamilton Island

From everyone in the fandom to everyone in Team Taylor, thanks for all your hard work!

(Source: Taylor Swift's Instagram)
(Source: Taylor Swift’s Instagram)

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy that is a proud citizen of the Taylor Nation, we’ve been holding out for a bit. For a while, news and candid shots have come in about the Sparkly Dressed’s private party for her entire team on Hamilton Island. So who was invited? Team Taylor almost in full. The press not that much, Taylor would rather spend some quiet time.

In case I’ve never defined it before, here are some of the most common (and some uncommon) definitions of who’s who in Team Taylor.

The Agency: Insider’s name for the band, which members have changed through the years, but they’re still there. In order of longevity they are: Amos J. Heller (bass), Paul Sidoti (guitar), Mike Meadows (guitar), David Cook (keyboards) and Matt Billingslea (drums). David Cook is also the musical director for the tour. Mike Meadows switches instruments and sometimes you can see him playing keyboards as well. Sometimes I include the backup singers with the band, sometimes they do their own thing. The horn section is still present in the Profiles page, but apparently they didn’t tour with Taylor and were just part of the promos during the 1989 album launch. Update: There is an improvised horn section during “Shake It Off” during the tour concert.

The Starlights: A name given to the backup singers back on March 16, 2013 by a young fan named Emma when the recently formed fearsome foursome had just appeared for promo appearances before the RED Tour (which incidentally, I capitalize on a whim). The backup singers are currently Kamilah Marshall, Melanie Nyema, Clare Turton and Eliotte Nicole.

The Dancers: They change for every tour and there’s a ton of them so I’m afraid I can’t name all of them. I can recognize Mason Cutler and Mark Villaver, both of whom I’ve run into during the 1989 Tour in Montreal and were part of the RED Tour as well.

The Crew: Everyone who sets up the stage and the sound system as well as the truck drivers and the security team that makes each concert a joy to behold plus have to clean up after us afterwards. I often enough will use the term to refer to everyone who’s touring with Taylor currently.

13 Management: Taylor’s very own management company. Image, product placement, etc.

Big Machine Group Label / Big Machine Records: They put Taylor’s music on the radio, sell albums and promote her as well. They are not directly in charge of the tour.

Taylor Nation (social media): Yes, I categorize the Taylor Nation in two. These fine folk are the ones that interact with the fans on social media and convey our opinions and thoughts back to 13 Management and Taylor Swift.

Taylor Nation (the fandom a.k.a the “Swifties” – this means you): The older and strongest relationship that Taylor Swift has ever had. The name “Taylor Nation” was born back when T-Swizzle was still working her own social media on MySpace.

The Squad: Taylor’s inner circle of friends, a lot of them celebrities. I’ve also called them “the Swifterhood”.

Team Taylor: I usually use this term for everyone who actually makes a living working for the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar. I also use it to imply everyone who’s on Taylor’s side / corner – so you can consider yourself part of Team Taylor as well.

And before you say it, yes I know that picture of Taylor with Austin is from South Island in New Zealand. I just thought it would be fun to throw it in there. The Enchantress continues her tour in Brisbane, Australia on December 5.

Coming up in the Calendar:

  • December 5: The 1989 World Tour – Brisbane, Australia – Suncorp Stadium.
  • December 7: The 1989 World Tour – Adelaide, Australia – Entertainment Center.
  • December 8: The 1989 World Tour – Adelaide, Australia – Entertainment Center.
  • December 10: The 1989 World Tour – Melbourne, Australia – AAMI Park.
  • December 11: The 1989 World Tour – Melbourne, Australia – AAMI Park.
  • December 12: The 1989 World Tour – Melbourne, Australia – AAMI Park.

(Sources: Taylor Swift via Instagram)