Some indie record that’s much cooler than mine. An Editorial

(Source: Taylor Swift via Instagram)
(Source: Taylor Swift via Instagram)

You might as well face it you’re addicted to love, Taylor Nation.

It’s hard not to find it all a little bitter sweet. For us fans, it’s been the era of 1989 and we’re not willing to let it go. But here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s just some old man that blogs his opinion on the internet (really who else does that except a zillion other people), we’re once again going to share a thought and hope you consider it. I might be a card-carrying denizen of the Taylor Nation, but I’m also a listener of the world: take the time and listen to other music.

None of us will beĀ forgetting Taylor. None of us are betraying her by having other artists on our walls or in our playlists. Listen to a little bit of everything. Find things that you like. I’m certainly not asking you to replace the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar. I’m asking you to surround and expand your taste because we really should never become listeners of just one artist. T-Swizzle never goes out of style because she changes, and the way she does it is by listening to other music. She sometimes even hints at her fans that they should listen to some of the people she does. For example, that’s Taylor hanging out with Kelsea Ballerini. There are countless other examples.

If you can, try a few other genres. Don’t only stay on pop and don’t make country music your only choice. You don’t need to drop anything, just try adding something different once in a while. We all have a favorite book and a favorite author and still we like to read other stuff once in a while. That’s a bad comparison if you hate to read, but odds are you like to read a little… Because right now you’re in the third paragraph of one of my editorial rantings šŸ˜‰

Here’s the other side of that thought. Taylor going on a break is a good thing. Now, put the pitchforks and the torches down for a moment… It’s a good thing. She’ll come back refreshed and with vibrant ideas on what new things to write. Music diversity is a good thing. You want to see Taylor expand her range and see what she can do with more time to write.

You got through all that, so here’s a prize. Meredith getting head scratches from her caretaker Tay. Purr.

And we’re coming close to theĀ 58th Annual Grammy AwardsĀ and that means we’re going to be all pins and needles very soon. Seven more nominations and I hope the members of the Academy listened to 1989 at least once. Really, how could they not. Then again, what do I know.

Coming up in the Calendar:

  • February 15: It’s theĀ 58th Annual Grammy Awards! Taylor is nominated for Album of the Year for 1989, Record of the Year for “Blank Space”, Song of the Year for “Blank Space”, Best Pop Solo Performance for “Blank Space”, Best Pop Duo/GroupĀ Performance for “Bad Blood”, Best Pop Vocal Album for 1989 and Best Music Video for “Bad Blood”.