Behind The Scenes: How she made it Out Of The Woods

It’s not like we had anything else to do, Taylor Nation.

We finally get a peek behind the scenes of the filming of “Out of the Woods” in gorgeous New Zealand. The video, directed by Joseph Khan (KHAAAAN!) had some real life scenery combined with some amazing set designs.

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“The entire video,” says Joseph Khan, “is basically Taylor suffering through an emotional landscape of trees and forests and snow and water, and all that is metaphor, but it’s being done practically on location here in New Zealand.”

“We’ve been in a desert. We’ve been on a rocky cliff. We’ve been on a glacier. We’ve been in a swamp,” says the Sparkly Dressed. “I think they have such amazing access to trees and plants in things in New Zealand that… That’s all I can come up with as to why the sets are so good. They’re really talented set designers.”

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(Sources: Big Machine Records via YouTube)