News Update: The Sparkly Dressed is the surprise guest at a fan’s wedding

So it’s gonna be forever, Taylor Nation 🙂

(Photo: Erica Snyder via
(Photo: Erica Snyder via

Here at The Swift Agency, just one guy who’s back on the job after a week and a half off, we’re glad to have a full keyboard and high speed internet back. The Enchantress is up to some hijinks again. She was secretly invited to a fan’s wedding party. The groom, Max Singer, is a big fan. According to, back in April his sister Ali reached out to Taylor to tell her about a heartbreaking story of their mother. The couple of Kenya Smith and Max Singer got married at the hospital where Max and Ali’s mother was staying before she passed away. Max even got her mom to dance “Blank Space” with him. Ali managed to bring in Taylor Swift to her brother’s wedding party.

The rest as they say, was another well-planned Swift caper. Ok, no. Nobody says that. Just me on this blog.

Yes, she likes it when people sing along 😉 Don’t act like you don’t know the words.

She even gave them a personally crafted Taylor Swift present. Yeah, I know some critics will think money is more valuable. But if you are a fan, that’s more valuable than anything money can buy. It’s a gesture of friendship. We remember those, right?

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