With A Heavy Heart: A short commentary

Hello, Earth.

You know about the shooting on June 12  in Orlando, Florida at the Pulse nightclub. It was not even the only shooting that happened that weekend in that city. The day before, Christina Grimmie, a singer known as a contestant for The Voice was shot by another gunman. I don’t have the qualifications to write about this. I don’t want them either, nobody really can find the right words to address this. Our favorite songwriter did come up with a better idea. She just wrote down the names of all the victims.

(Source: Taylor Swift via Instagram)
(Source: Taylor Swift via Instagram)

I’m just going to add on to what everyone is saying. Prayers and thoughts and good wishes expressed in social media are kind. But as many others, I do hope some change comes from it. I’m aware gun control is a controversial topic in the US. I’m also aware that mental health must not be excluded from the conversation. I’m really just an outsider looking in, but can we agree that the current regulations in place are either too lax or not properly enforced? Can we agree that we (even when I’m not a US citizen, I don’t want to get shot when I fly there) must be proactive in the subject? I live in Canada, we have our own version of gun control. It’s flawed but it requires a registry, a waiting period, passing a safety course and consenting to random police inspections of your firearms at all times. Yes, I know that would never fly in the US.

Read. Inform yourself. Dissent. Debate. Participate. Act. Make your voice heard. You can pray, of course, for illumination and guidance on how to take action. But doing nothing is no longer an option. It’s just my opinion, of course. Take care of each other.

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(Sources: Royal Canadian Mounted Police)