News Update: Taylor Swift meets fans at the Country Music Hall of Fame

Hope you’re ready for the weekend, Taylor Nation. I know I am.

(Photo: INFphoto)
(Photo: INFphoto)

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s… Give me a minute, the ninjas are trying to stuff the fridge in a carry-on. Put it down. Now. Yes, I’m sure there will be one where we’re going. Ok, like I was saying, just a guy who’s glad for a few days off when he can get them, we’re happy for the fans who were at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum when Taylor Swift decided to drop by out of the blue. You can read the original story at Just Jared.

If you must know, her hair is no longer bleached. Not that it’s any of our business. Taylor can have her hair done as she wishes. Policing how your favourite music artist does her hair is as irrelevant as, say for example, who she chooses to date (now that would be ridiculous, amirite?). Anyhow, it’s business as unusual with Taylor surprising fans out of the blue and calling her own shots in her life.

And this might have very little to do with Taylor, but original squad member Selena got to ride around with Late Late Show host James Corden for his Carpool Karaoke series. At the 9:10 mark, she gets asked about Tay’s squad and shortly we get a “Shake I Off” rendition. We would love to see the actual Blonde With The Sparkly 1989 Microphone doing this series soon.

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Up next, The Agency’s former backup singer Elizabeth Huett performs tonight, June 24, at Mount Palomar Winery. We’re going to miss it, but at least I’m getting some downtime (although internet might be scarce). I’m sure we’ll hear something about it after the weekend.

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