The Weekly Rant: Taylor visits Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital… Wait, why is this a rant?

Perhaps I should call it the monthly rant, Taylor Nation.

(Source: Lady Cilento Children's Hospital via Facebook)
(Source: Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital via Facebook)
Here at the Swift Agency, just one guy that will explain how this becomes a rant in a minute, we’re happy to report the Blonde With The Sparkly 1989 Microphone took time off from… her time off… to visit Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital. The children were all enchanted to meet her, and she made sure she spend time with them taking selfies and even singing a few songs. So, where’s the problem?

Well, obviously she did it for selfish reasons and should be ashamed and go hide under a rock and never come out. Sound reasoning, let’s move o- WAIT A DARN FRIGGIN’ MINUTE.

I honestly think a lot of people in this world are in competition to prove how stupid they can get. Apparently some (and by some I mean a lot of people who looove to share their opinions in comments) think this was a publicity stunt. I’ve read that obviously Taylor must have payed these kids. Because if you’re a sick kid in a hospital, you don’t want visit- NOPE. Wrong again. Sick kids in hospitals WANT visitors. Celebs, non-celebs, anyone – go visit a children’s ward in any hospital and you’ll be happily received. Specially if you bring presents. Specially if they know you from somewhere. Or if you can sing. Or if you just want to spend some time with them. Or just help in any way. You will not be turned away.

Now it could still be true that Taylor did it for publicity. There’s lots of ways to get publicity actually. Show up at a club. Show up at some fancy restaurant. Visit some stores. A children’s hospital? Yeah, I guess but that involves spending time. And kids? You’re expected to talk to them. Taylor’s a singer (ok, not according to some of YOU but they do expect her to sing) so she sang with them. She even has songs that a few of them might even know. I’m being freaking sarcastic, of course they knew! If T-Swizzle was looking for publicity she surely picked one activity that would take time and attention.

Here’s the thing. Are you doing charity? Great! In that case, I know for a fact you don’t mind if a young celebrity shows up and does some charity work. There’s work to go around. But if you’re commenting on how fake she is or her motivation to do it or some implication on how it’s all done for show and has no value… Try doing charity work sometime. It will take effort. It will take time. You might feel great or not, but at some point you’ll realize whatever your motivation was, your assistance was needed and it was appreciated. Did Taylor do it because she wanted to feel better about herself? Guess what, it’s valid. That is a totally valid reason to spend some time with some sick kids. Do you do it for some altruistic goal? Good on you. Then you won’t mind somebody else’s motives, right?

To quote the Rock, it doesn’t matter what you think. What matters is going the distance. The motivation can be what you will. The people that benefit will be thankful regardless. Me and my soapbox will shut up now.

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(Sources: Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital via Facebook)

3 thoughts on “The Weekly Rant: Taylor visits Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital… Wait, why is this a rant?

  1. Count me in as one of the many who is sick & tired of the haters who can’t seem to find a freaking thing about Taylor to like but can dig up all kinds of crap that they THINK is going on with her that they think is bad stuff. Give it a rest; she’s almost angelic, she’s so good-hearted.

  2. She’s angelic & everyone who thinks otherwise expects absolute perfection from her; hey, she’s a REAL person & is doing her best & it’s plenty good enough for those of us who see the truth about her.

  3. Stop your negative feedback! Thank you Taylor Swift for making these kids day! Do you naysayers take time to support others?

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