Rumor control: A phone call in twelve clips

mobile-phone-426559_640Sorry, Taylor Nation. This is not going away. The bitter pill is better swallowed quick, so we’ll be swift here.

First of all, the facts we know. Kim Kardashian recorded a call between Taylor Swift and Kanye West. The call was about Kanye’s upcoming song, Famous. We have not listened to the entire call. What we have heard so far is twelve separate Snapchat posts from that conversation. In one of them Kanye says a line from his song that includes the “me and Taylor might still have sex” line. This clip only has Kanye. It does not include Taylor’s voice before or after. Another clip has Taylor thanking Kanye for calling her before including a line about her. In another one, she’s talking about something just been cheeky. People have tied along the clips together in the order that Kim posted them and posted that as if it was one thing. Nobody has any proof that the clips are in order. The line about calling Taylor a bitch and making her famous is not included. None of the sound bites have the beginning or the ending of the call.

Second, Taylor’s camp has never denied the call exist. They state that Taylor has not heard the song. Taylor herself has denied ever hearing the line about being call a bitch and being made famous. Taylor’s people also stated Taylor did warn Kanye about the misogynistic message. No clips have been posted about that.

Third, the implications for Taylor. The implication for her is the perception that the clips constitute approval. If so, she lied about not approving the song. Some believes this carries forth to Taylor’s Grammy acceptance speech. The speech alludes to “some people” taking credit for your accomplishments or fame. This results in tarnishing Taylor’s name and image.

Fourth, the implications for Kim and Kanye could be legal. According to the Digital Media Law Project, it depends greatly on where the call was made. California state wiretapping law requires the consent of both parties. New York state wiretapping law of just one. Kanye has recording studios in both California and New York. Taylor has houses in both California and New York. If both of them were in California, mutual consent was needed. If both were in New York, K&K are off the hook. If one of them was in one state and the other in a different one, then this becomes a legal conundrum.

That’s it. No speculation.

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(Sources: Digital Media Law Project)

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  1. Kim recorded the call, she was not party to the call. Simple answer: Kim’s posting of recordings of the call is a Felony in both states

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