Review Corner: Ingrid Michaelson’s It Doesn’t Have To Make Sense

(Source: Cabin 24 Records via
(Source: Cabin 24 Records via

Hello music lovers,

Ingrid Michaelson released a new album back in August 26. I’ve been taking my own sweet time to review It Doesn’t Have To Make Sense, and I make no apologies for that. It feels very much like two currents flowing into one, an anthemic one that almost branches from the same place where Lights Out came from and a more beat-like alternative one that comes around stronger past the middle. If you want to be blunt, you could say “Hell No” branches out of the rest of the tracks, but I’m actually catching different vibes on other tracks as well.

This time let’s start with what caught my ear. My favorites so far, if you will. It’s a strong start with “Light Me Up” which is unmistakably Ingrid, anthemic, rousing and feels connected to her past work. Next notable listen for me is “Another Life”. With a chorus dominated by very high notes, it’s symphonic, breaks off the mainstream and feels more experimental. “Hell No” is the strongest sound in the album. It’s the only one that amps the power of a power ballad really loud. This song will unavoidably cause a singalong to break out. “Celebrate” is a very beat heavy, making it the only other power song in the album. It’s also so rhythmical that feels like a bit of a hip hop has been added to its alternative vibe.

Also notable is “I Remember Her” is a low key slow song that has something beautiful in it that wants to make you play it in a dark room. It’s a slow start but “Drink You Gone” has a great chorus, although it’s rather quiet in its verses. “Whole Lot of Heart” sounds more like a hymn, a gospel as does “Miss America”, which is an inspirational tune. These two are quite easy to listen after the opening “Light Me Up” until the more experimental “Another Life” breaks the pattern.

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I found the entire album a great listen as a whole. Available now on iTunes.

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