The Taylor Swift Experience at the State Fair of Texas opens today!

Welcome to Texas, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who wakes up, checks the budget and realizes he’s not taking any trips anytime soon, we’re still glad we get to blog about the Sparkly Dressed even if it’s at a distance. If you can make it to Texas this month, you might want to stop by the State Fair of Texas. The Taylor Swift Experience opens today, September 30 to October 30. Costumes and memorabilia from Taylor Swift’s most iconic tours, videos and performances is on display. Imagine the exposition at the Country Hall of Fame and Museum, but blown up to Texas-sized proportions. Should be worth your time, specially if you’re in Texas later this month for another event 😉

(Photo: Louis DeLuca/
(Photo: Louis DeLuca/

On other news, Taylor will perform on Saturday, October 22 at the Formula 1 US Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX. It’s supposed to be a full concert and she has the stage to herself. No word on whether this means concertgoers get the rising catwalk or a dance crew. I think it’s safe to say expect a crowd. It’s general attendance, although there’s a VIP seating section and a concert upgrade right up to the stage (think the “pit”).

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