News Update: Little Big Town’s Better Man mystery songwriter revealed. It’s Deadpool.

Boo, Taylor Nation.

(Source: Taylor Swift via Instagram)
(Source: Taylor Swift via Instagram)

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy wishing y’all had a happy and safe Halloween. The former Princess in Red actually wore a different red costume for the festivities. Obtained via the man himself, actor Ryan Reynolds, the Sparkly Dressed became the Merc With A Mouth. That’s Deadpool for all you non-geeky people that somehow ended up here.

That’s not the only mystery that was cleared up today. Little Big Town released the video for their latest single “Better Man” and with it, the identity of the songwriter. Previously to this reveal, the only hint had been, “a young girl in Nashville who wrote it by herself”. According to Rolling Stone magazine, “both parties were rewarded with the biggest day of radio adds in the band’s history – before anyone knew the track was written by Swift.”

That’s a compliment for the band AND the song since it stood on its own upon release without using Taylor’s pop-star-power. Says a lot of the amazing vocals and arrangements used and the raw quality of the Enchantress’ songwriting prowess. However, as much as I enjoy knowing the Blonde With The Sparkly 1989 Microphone can still write a country song, I want to issue a small reminder. Or actually… A little big one. The song might be great, but its execution and consequence success are all the work of the members of Little Big Town, Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman, Jimi Westbrook, and Phillip Sweet. It’s their personalities, their performance and their vocal talent that brings about excellence. Yes, the song has to be good to be able to become a hit, but it doesn’t go anywhere without the singers. LBT had to make this song their own in order to shine and they deserve the credit. It’s their hit and nobody can take it away from them.

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(Sources: Taylor Swift’s Instagram, Rolling Stone)