News Update & Commentary: AT&T announces Taylor Swift NOW

(Source: AT&T)
(Source: AT&T)

You can bet your ass I have some commentary, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who hangs by where the cooler should be and then thinks he should get a cooler, we are not big fans of the adjective exclusive. One would say, with grounds to be right one hundred percent of the time, it’s definitely not listed in our top ten. However, even I have to use it when it applies and it applies here.

Taylor Swift’s image is after all an intellectual property that seeks profit. This is business. Taylor’s time, name and fame (which again we should reaffirm is not owed to anybody but herself and her fandom) are a precious commodity. Taylor Swift is a brand – yes, she’s a person too, I don’t forget that – but as a brand she has to seek out the better deal.

According to Billboard, AT&T has announced the new streaming service DirecTV Now. This comes after the news that AT&T has acquired Time Warner and its cable service DirecTV. You might be thinking that I’m advertising for them, but within its original content was Taylor Swift NOW which was dubbed “a new video experience only on AT&T”. AT&T Entertainment & Internet Services executive vp and chief marketing officer Brad Bentley mentioned that it will consist of 13 episodes. Unfortunately, this is only available to users of this service.

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Okey so it’s not my idea for a Taylor Swift TV (my motto would be “all Taylor, all the time”) but I guess it comes close? Sounds more like a mini-series TV special than a channel but remember that Taylor has signed onto a deal with AT&T to create new content. This is the first we hear on how that’s going to take shape. Too bad this probably won’t reach us in Canada, but I’m sure a few ninjas I know will find a way.

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(Sources: Billboard, AT&T via YouTube)

2 thoughts on “News Update & Commentary: AT&T announces Taylor Swift NOW

  1. Unfortunately I don’t have ATT and when I heard about this I was sad. I don’t like to miss anything Taylor:( My hope is that there maybe some way that we will be able to see this as they have advertised it will include new music. I certainly understand that Taylor has to make the best deals for herself and she should. But selfishly, I feel that all fans should have access to all creative ventures that Taylor puts out. Sigh….it just seems that with all of her wonderful success Taylor in some ways is becoming less accessible..I guess it just goes with the territory. I will still always be a Swifty…that will never change, just have to see how this all shakes out:)

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