The 13 Days of Taylor: What to give your favourite Swiftie


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Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who could use a new poster or a keychain, we’re just going to stop for a commercial. Don’t know what to give your favourite blogger Swiftie BFF this holiday season? Well, try getting something from the Taylor Swift Store. They’re once more doing the 13 Days of Taylor, which might be the best time to grab some merch you’ve been eyeing all year or some of the more recent offerings.

Yes, it’s December and there’s nothing wrong with buying gifts for the people you love, but remember to make it less about the gifts and more about the gesture.  As a young country singer used to say a few years back, Christmas must be something more. To be honest, I always prefer to listen to Back To December instead, so here’s a clip for old times’ sake 🙂

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