Merry Christmas, Cyrus Porter! This is why Taylor Swift still wins at everything :)

(Photo: Robert Frye via Twitter)
(Photo: Robert Frye via Twitter)

Holidays are not always about the big gestures, Taylor Nation.

Sometimes they’re just about the small ones. For example, visiting your grandfather. In the case of World War II veteran Cyrus Porter, the visit can turn into a one in a lifetime event when it’s your grandfather’s musical idol. The 96-year old from New Madrid, Missouri happens to be a Taylor Swift fan. An article for KFVS 12 news started it all.

“Look what she does, she puts on a show no one else puts on,” Cyrus Porter said. “I just liked the way the way she did stuff.” He has attended two concerts with his daughter and two grandchildren. Cyrus was diagnosed with cancer this year. He still intends to make Taylor Swift’s next concert and something tells me there’s a seat already waiting for him. The day after Christmas, he received a visit and an impromptu performance by the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar herself.

“He was excited,” said her daughter, Lynette Fowler. “He was like dancing to the beat, what he thought was the beat of the music, and having a great time with it.”

Update: New full video via Cyrus’ grandson, Chris Porter.

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The Forever and Always Fearless One even picked up a guitar and played an acoustic version of “Shake It Off” for the entire gathering. I don’t want to overwhelm you with stuff, so- oh ok, one more video here…

As long as she does one impromptu thing like this for us regular people once a year, I’m happy.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season! 🙂

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