Behind The Blog: A new look. Happy Birthday, Liz!

New look for the blog! What do you think, Taylor Nation?

(Source: Elizabeth Huett via Twitter)

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth Huett! The talented and beautiful performer and former Agency backup singer is the most charming person you’ll ever meet. Here at the Swift Agency, just one guy who was lucky to meet her seven years ago at my first ever Taylor Swift concert (The Fearless Tour in Toronto, Ontario), we’ll always love that moment captured and remembered for posterity. We can’t wait for what’s next. And there is something coming soon.

In the meantime, we have no Taylor Swift news. Do you feel like you’re stuck in a call, in permanent hold, feeling the days and weeks go by and you have a bit of a void in your heart? Is it killing you like it’s killing me? This Swift dry spell is made worse since no new music has come out. That means the Sparkly Dressed is not up for any awards anytime soon – meaning no award show appearances. Okey, you’ll mention the “I Don’t Want To Live Forever” song with Zayn Malik. I’m not a big fan of the song nor the movie it promotes, but she did co-write it. That was in December 2016 though. Yeah we got a video last January. Nothing has happened since then and it’s almost June. Argh.

You’ll wonder why I pick this time in the desert of No-Swift-Land to update the site. It’s simple, I’m not busy right now so I want to make sure it works with my writing before I’m too busy to meddle with it. I’ve also taken the last plunge so that you shouldn’t even see WordPress ads. They weren’t intrusive but it came with the package. The site has never been monetized anyway. I’ve evaluated doing it just to offset the cost but there’s hardly any ads that I can say I can stand behind. Until I find those, no ads at all is best.

Now, I know a lot of Taylor Swift sites are picking news that are even remotely related to Taylor. That’s fine. I am not policing how other people write. If you are a long time reader or even a casual one, you might notice that I don’t even report on certain news even when Taylor is involved. This is because I don’t find everything interesting. I don’t want this to be a regular celebrity blog. I try to treat her more as a performing artist and less like a celebrity. That’s why I won’t go TMZ on T-Swizzle just because she was seen in the street.

We’d rather give you some solid blog entries that a lot of barely worthwhile stuff. You will notice that I try to give you a lot more grown up content and less high school gossip style articles. That’s me just trying to evolve this site a little bit. Don’t worry, once in a while I do like to throw in a ninja or two into the mix just to keep you on your toes.

I’m still writing. Keep reading.

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