I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me. An Editorial.

I think there’s enough bricks for two castles, Taylor Nation. We can even build a swimming pool in the back with a gazebo at this point.


Okey, facts first.

During the Red Tour in Denver, back in 2013, DJ David Mueller and his girlfriend attended a photo op with Taylor Swift. While posing for the photo, Mueller allegedly (yes, I have to put that in there) put his hand up Taylor’s skirt and groped her. Taylor’s management was notified and he was banned from her concerts for life. No criminal charges were filed. Several days after the incident, Mueller lost his job at KYGO-FM radio.

Mueller is sued Taylor Swift for 3 million dollars in damages in 2015. Mueller claims that it was his former boss, Eddie Haskell, who groped Swift. A month later, she counter sued… for $1. She’s literally counter suing for the principle of it all, not for money. This is not a criminal case. This is civil court.

The former DJ also claims he had audio recordings of the conversations with his former employers regarding the incident which result in him being fired. The audio recordings were lost because Mueller allegedly (see, it works against you too) drop coffee on his laptop, drop water on his other laptop and lost a backup in his external hard drive due to a malfunction. Mueller has admitted there were conversations about his position in the radio station that started before the incident.

That’s what you need to know. The rest below is my very partial opinion so feel free to ignore it.

T will survive. I fear sometimes she thinks the world has seen too much of her. So she sequesters herself, and somehow still ends in the public eye. She’s literally being pulled back into the spotlight because of a civil suit filed by the person who allegedly… Why don’t we believe victims of sexual assault and harassment?

The Sparkly Dressed is going to court. There are details in the media, but I really detest the way it gets reported. Regardless of outcome, she will survive. It would mean much more if she wins. She’s literally counter-suing for 1$. It’s the principle. She wants to set an example. She didn’t bring this to court, but there’s no fucking way she’s going to just give this guy compensation. Taylor didn’t get him fired. He got fired himself.

I didn’t want to comment on this one. I wanted to stay in the sidelines and not have to read – or write – anything on this. I know you probably feel the same way. If you think you’re already tired about hearing about this incident, imagine how Taylor feels. She’s now having to keep those details fresh in her mind because she will have to relive it when she takes the stand herself. She’s no longer doing this for herself, but for other women. However, she will be doing it by herself.

To quote the Georgia Satellites, “don’t feed me no lines and keep your hands to yourself.”

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  1. She has put herself in the spotlight a lot so I don’t think she can complain about being put into spotlight against her will.

  2. Thanks, I was wondering whats happening and your text is very clear. I agree with your point of view !

  3. Just want you to know that you do a Great job with The Swift Agency.
    Your Hard work & efforts are noticed and appreciated!!

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