TS6 Revealed: Reputation drops November 10. First single out tomorrow!

Get yourself off the floor, Taylor Nation. What are you doing there?

(Source: Big Machine Records)


The stakes are unfairly high for a new Taylor Swift album. So, business as usual then? There was a time that Taylor Swift, back then an aspiring country singer, was supposed to put albums among controversy generated by other people. Now it’s gotten to the point that a lot of people genuinely think that Taylor’s entire career was veered by a single recorded phone call and that she was caught in a lie. And I know that only one line out of two were there, but that’s never mentioned. Popular opinion just decided to go with the snake motif.

Now the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar is aiming for reinvention, embracing the snake moniker. Keep in mind that incident was child’s play compared to the other incident. And yes, I’m talking about the civil court trial where the person, who is now judged guilty of sexual assault, wanted money because of his own life decisions. Some people will not focus on that one and I find it very telling and problematic when detractors highlight one and feign ignorance on the one that is an actual crime.

But on to happier notes, TS6 has now a name! REPUTATION. And a release date! November 10. And a new single coming out… tomorrow…

Stop dying already. Get up.

Coming up in the Calendar! Calendar? There’s a calendar again? Yes, there is! Woot!


  • August 24: New single by Taylor Swift is released!


  • November 10: Reputation, the new album by Taylor Swift is released!