Look What You Made Me Do: The Reputation Era begins!

The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now, Taylor Nation. Leave your message after the sound of the hiss.


Look What You Made Me Do just dropped. It’s reverberating in my headphones right now as I type this in its seventh straight play. It’s dripping with venom. First it felt like a punch but now it really feels like a stab. There’s anger and revenge here. It reminds me of an early Avril Lavigne with shades of Evanescence and Rihanna. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t in love with the chorus, but the song gets a lot more interesting as it moves forward.

Now I guess I will inevitably have to address the fact that Taylor¬†engineered this (with Jack Antonoff for sure) for the club. She wanted people to dance to this. It’s like even oblivious people will dance to her words. There’s something a little dark about a ton of fans singing along to¬†I’m sorry the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Cuz she’s dead!

2017-Aug-25Don’t think for a second that this is Taylor’s current state of mind. This is her bringing up a lot of anger into the song. She’s taking the role she knows that people expect her to play, but she’ll laugh about it all the way to the bank. Yes, the song seems to give you a peek inside a fractured personality that requires some counseling and therapy. Don’t feel sorry for Taylor, this is not who she is. As you’ll see if you ever go to one of her concerts, she’s created a different persona for each of her songs. The song is the scenario.

Although when I think of Taylor having a list of names in red, planning her vengeance in Game-of-Thrones-Arya-Stark style, this song gains opera-like levels of dark introspection. But then I’m playing into the trap. Actually, if this song was an animal it wouldn’t be a snake – it feels more like a spider. A venomous one for sure.

2017-Aug-25cI don’t like the whole title repeat of¬†Look What You Made Me Do but then again I thought the same of¬†Out Of The Woods and the song still became a favorite of mine. However, you can tell this is a Taylor Swift song because the bridge is always the best part, the climatic finale to the song, the part where the lead actress kills everyone. Yeah, I’m casting Taylor Swift in the lead for the next Stephen King’s Carrie remake.

Enjoy for what it is, vengeance made into song for you to dance and sing once the remix comes out. But don’t think she’s suffered a mental breakdown. It’s a new persona, it’s the same songwriting and marketing genius reinventing herself. She got hers, but you all will get yours. I think the title has been carefully selected. And if you want to know what it is exactly you made her do, you made her craft out another song to sail to the top to the charts.

Enjoy the lyric video. Dark, darkitty, dark. Joseph Kahn, you KNEW. You knew this WHOLE TIME. You sneaky video director person you.

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The song is out on iTunes. Music video coming soon.

PS: She has snake rings on her online store. Snake. Rings. They’re already sold out.

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  • August 27:¬†The music video for “Look What You Made Me Do” is released at the MTV Video Music Awards 2017.


  • November 10:¬†Reputation, the new album by Taylor Swift is released!