Review Corner: Liz Huett’s h8u. The new single is out!

I think it’s pretty obvious I need a drink right now.

That’s one of the best lines to begin a song. Liz Huett’s new single, h8u is out! The beautiful and talented Nashville-via-California girl has a little anti-status-quo rebel streak of a troublemaker going on. Let’s be honest, she always did. Don’t get mad at me, Liz!

Is it possible that I like this one even more than STFU & Hold Me? Yes, I do.

I can’t help but read something into that line “I know that I’m petty” as a not-so-veiled homage to Tom Petty, because there’s influences of him throughout the song’s performance. Perhaps I’m way off. Yes, that must be it. What do I know.

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