Weekly News Update: October 30, 2017

I can’t say anything to your face, Taylor Nation.

Well, I could but I would spend years traveling so I decided writing would be easier. Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s not going to make it in comedy any time soon, we should have started writing this sooner. It’s past the weekend now, so I’ve had to slightly alter the name of this feature now. Let’s see what happened this past week:

  • The video for … Ready For It? appeared on Thursday and blew everyone’s minds. You wouldn’t expect a ton of sci-fi iconography from the Sparkly Dressed, but that’s what you got.
  • The writing on the walls sometimes refers to Taylor, sometimes to her director and sometimes to what sounds like lyrics from tracks we’ve heard a few we haven’t. There’s a chance some will come up in the album on new tracks.
  • Although there’s consensus that we’re seeing the new vs. old Taylor in the video, their interaction has more interpretations. Some see it as a confrontation. I think it’s more as a reinvention.
  • Taylor has not put negative connotations about the media in the video, but some media are going off on what fans have said. Yes, I know: not all media and all that. And yes, I think mainstream media sometimes gets it wrong, but at the same time I do believe in freedom of speech. I am somewhat an independent media outlet of sorts, even if it’s just an online blog.
  • The white horse. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Joseph Kahn decided to troll everyone and just put a horse in there to confuse people. You could allude it to the horse in “Blank Space” and say there’s a connection there.
  • The lightning… I’d love to think this is a reference to Sparks Fly, but I’m probably wrong. It’s just Taylor learning to channel her power.
  • Eleven days, people. ELEVEN DAYS. Get some sleep, you’ll need it.
  • UPDATE! Taylor Swift will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on November 11.

Coming up in the Calendar:

  • November 10: Reputation, the new album by Taylor Swift is released!
  • November 11: Taylor Swift will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. Yes, I know I just added it as an update right above, but it’s the Calendar. I gotta write it again.
  • November 12: Taylor’s nominated for the MTV EMA 2017. You can vote for Taylor Swift for Best Artist, Best Look, Best Pop, Biggest Fans, Best Video, and Best US Act.

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