Call It What You Want: Taylor’s new single is out!

Still awake, Taylor Nation? Get used to it.

Here at the Swift *yawn* Agency, just a guy who’s getting a bit old timer-y for staying up this late, we’re still on the third-fourth listen of Call It What You Want.

The song is very lyrically rich, one of the those songs where the melody can’t quite contain all the words that spring up. That might not become a song to dance to, but definitely full of car-sing-along worthiness. Yeah, I’m murdering grammar tonight. I can’t write the same way when I’m up this late. But if you’re crazy for hearing it and can’t really afford it right now, there’s always the lyric video. Video here now.

Watch on YouTube

Video here now? Sheesh. Okey I gotta get some sleep. There’s one version that is a separate single and then there’s one that kinda fits into the album as track 14. Somehow I bought both. See this was all a plot from the Snake Queen. Hiss. Kidding. Gotta sleep now. Song on iTunes. Bye.

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