Live From New York: Taylor performs on SNL

At least I did one thing right, Taylor Nation.

(Photo: Will Heath / NBC)

And if someone can help me figure out what that is, we’ll move this along. Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy like any other fan that is willing to sit through a late show just to catch a glimpse of Taylor Swift, we know that not all live skits work. Nevertheless, Tiffany Haddish was wonderful and we did get to see two performances from Taylor.

“…Ready For It” felt a little underwhelming in my opinion. It’s a big booming track and SNL is a very small stage. I think that backing track is better suited for a larger venue. However, we got our first look at what could be the choreography for a future tour, and chances are it will built on what we saw tonight.

The following clip only plays on the US (region locks why do you exist?):

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“Call It What You Want” worked a lot better on such an intimate setting. She also broke out the guitar, which we’re so glad to see again. It was full on acoustic with Paul Sidoti on second guitar and Mike Meadows on cello. This was an amazing performance, more quieted and yet it felt like it filled the room. For a small venue, this style fits so much better.

Again, we got a region-locked clip, hopefully you can play it:

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I do hope Taylor comes back one day to play a part in a skit. However, I also understand how important it was for Tiffany Haddish to shine as the first female african-american comic to host Saturday Night Live. Tiffany did great.

As a bonus, here’s @TaylorNation13 with a Snake mic appreciation tweet:

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(Sources: NBC’s Saturday Night Live)

2 thoughts on “Live From New York: Taylor performs on SNL

  1. I agree Ready For It was a little underwhelming, for previously mentioned reasons. However, Call It What You Want To was amazing. To me this was Taylor at her roots when we all first fell in love with her.. Still are💕 Love acoustic Taylor! So can’t wait for tour!!!

  2. Everybody has known for 20 years that SNL has limited production capabilities.
    I liked Ready For It……and it was REALLY Great to see that the Starlights are still with Her!!

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