h8u: Liz Huett releases new music video!

I think it’s pretty obvious that I need drink right now.

Lizettes and Lizards, the inimitable Liz Huett, your Loveliest Partner in Crime, is killing it. Liz released a new music video yesterday for her latest single “h8u” and if you think she was the Bonnie to your Clyde for “STFU and Hold Me” she’s going all in for this one.

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I’ve said it before, but there’s a lot of love for Tom Petty in the track and I feel a vibe for his style on the video with those glasses 😉

I know some are tempted to draw comparisons to the “Speak Now” wedding theme, but there’s a major difference. “Speak Now” was about a wedding being interrupted. Liz’ takeover is more of an invasion. She’s not here to steal the groom. She’s here to wreck the place. And you know you love it.

On other news, Caitlin Evanson is touring with Shakira!!?!! They’re going places, I tell you. We’re overdue for an Agency update soon.

(Source: Liz Huett via Twitter)

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(Sources: Liz Huett via Vevo)