The Silence Breakers: Taylor Swift on her most important role

I think you should speak now.


There is a movement, one that tries to reach all levels and all social spheres of humanity where powerful leaders, entrepreneurs, producers and yes, even politicians, are held accountable for sexual harassment, abuse and rape.

Abusing women (and yes, even men) is nothing new, what is new is the flood of allegations that are bringing down the corrupt people in positions of power. The “weinsteins of the world” as they are now being called.

I want to keep this short, because you I really want you to read it all from the people who experienced it. Suffice to say that there are no more excuses to believe you can be neutral or indifferent about this one more second. As victims speak out, the people standing on the sidelines must listen and remember never to allow behaviour like this in our places of work or any place in which we see it happen.

You can read these amazing stories on TIME magazine.

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(Sources: TIME)