Taylor makes a donation to March For Our Lives campaign

Hello Taylor Nation,

The Blonde With The Sparkly Snake Microphone broke a few rules last Saturday, March 24th. She broke her silence and she also took a political stand. As she announced on Instagram, she made a donation to the March For Our Lives campaign on the day that several students, teachers and parents demonstrated for stricter gun control.

I know this can be a controversial issue for many. I do think there is political middle ground that can be reached. I don’t believe that the current measures in place are enough to prevent violent events from happening in the future. You believe in gun reform? That is great, support it! You believe it should be more about the criminal system and mental health? That is also great, support it! You believe in a measure of both? Also amazing, you know what to do.

I am also glad that Taylor exercised her right to free speech and took a stand in something she believes in. I also know people will judge her for this decision. They’ll want to know why this moment and not before. They’ll want to know how much money was donated just to criticize the amount. They’ll want to tag her into a political affiliation, or say she’s just doing it for publicity. They’ll ask why she didn’t go the march, when you know that if she had shown up she’d be judged for trying to make the day about herself. This time at least, she ignored all that and posted her opinion.

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(Sources: Taylor Swift via Instagram)

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  1. LET’S GO TAYTAY!!! (like I’m legit so so so proud that she’s not letting people stand in her way)

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