This Just In: Taylor Swift performs at the Bluebird Cafe. For real.

Happy Easter and this is not an April Fool’s joke, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who had to check this several times just to make sure it wasn’t a prank, we’re sure that all the attendees were not expecting the Blonde With The Sparkly Snake Microphone to show up at the landmark venue in Nashville, Tennessee.

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It all went down last night, March 31st, at the Bluebird Cafe according to the Tennessean. With about 40 people in attendance, songwriter Craig Wiseman, known for penning songs for Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney, was the main feature. Well, until Taylor Swift’s unannounced (but planned) surprise appearance.

Taylor performed acoustic versions of “Shake It Off” and the song she penned for Little Big Town, “Better Man”. Yes, I know you want video clips. The only ones are these clips filmed from outside with a phone, so the video and sound are of the potato quality.

Watch on YouTube.

“When I would play writers nights … I didn’t have the experience of a writer writing something and then it going out into the world and you earing it from someone else’s perspective until recently,” Taylor said according to the Tennessean, referring to “Better Man.”  “Little Big Town gave me the opportunity to feel that way … to be at the Bluebird and play a song you’ve maybe heard on the radio.  I will always be forever grateful to them for that.”

Watch on YouTube

Wiseman recalled a particular CMT party in which he got her several shots of Fireball Whiskey. The Forever and Always Fearless One confessed she and Ed Sheeran stole Wiseman’s large inflatable Fireball bottle prop during said party. Wiseman then produced shot glasses and both songwriters downed Whisky shots.

Back when Taylor was just seventeen, she met Wiseman for a writing session in which she brought this song she was working on. Wiseman didn’t get it and passed on helping Taylor write the song, something he regrets to this day. The name of the song was “Love Story”. No, she didn’t perform it. That would’ve been too much salt in the wound.

The performance was being filmed for a documentary for Bluebird Cafe’s 35th anniversary. Don’t worry, I’m sure they used a better camera. You can read more on Taylor Swift’s appearance at the Tennessean.

On other news, there’s a new version of Delicate known as the vertical version on Spotify. Some fans, including myself, have not managed to see it except through video captures from other fans but it looks nice.

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  • May 8: Taylor Swift’s reputation Stadium Tour begins in Glendale, AZ.

(Sources: Tennessean)

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