The rep tour in Denver, CO! A Commentary on the Rule.

She’s really bringing it on, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who really thinks this adulting thing is overhyped, we’re glad to hear stories about all the fans who have met the Blonde With The Green Gui- Wait, the guitar is green now? Guess some things will change. Don’t worry, I’m sure the Sparkly Guitar is around somewhere.

The Sparkly Dressed took the stage at Sports Authority Field at Mile High to a roaring 58,000 voices for her first stadium show in Denver, Colorado on May 25th. The secret/surprise song was “Teardrops On My Guitar” which probably had the old school fans (that sorta includes me) shedding some tears of their own. Also, Camila is back on the rep tour and joining Taylor and Charli XCX for the “Shake It Off” performance.

Anyhow, I’d like to talk about the meeting Taylor thing. I know this will be the ultimate goal of every Taylor fan. I know that’s what most of you want. And I know that I can’t really tell you to chill about it since I myself are now in that short list of people who have met the Songstress. That being said, meeting T-Swizzle is a one in a million chance, even with concert tickets and the most imaginative costume you can imagine.

Even in the early days, everyone wanted a chance to meet the Enchantress. Back when she would do local county fairs, she would stay behind and meet everyone she could. This was probably annoying to the roadies that were trying to pack up. Once she hit headliner status, The Fearless Tour had the regular Meets & Greets before the show and a new backstage area called the T-Room. Taylor has tried to devise new ways to meeting you and being close to you (case and point, she has ridden all sorts of contraptions to be close to the crowd) but it’s literally an impossible battle. She has way too many fans.

And so, came The Rule To Rule Them All. It’s not a registry, it’s not a law, it’s just a question that you will get asked if you are a nominee for meeting Taylor: Have you met Taylor before? If you ever get asked this question, there’s a good chance you’re going to scream your head off. The idea of The Rule is simple: if you have met Taylor before, please be truthful so we can give the chance to other people.

It’s obviously not an airtight rule nor is it perfect even when it works. There’s cases of very young fans that met Taylor when they were battling a crippling disease. Some of them have come out the other side and survived. They should really have a chance to meet her again. But it’s really hard to make a system when the proportion of fans to one Taylor Swift is of 85 millions (last follower count on Twitter) to one (lemme check again… Yep only one Taylor). It’s an uphill battle as more and more join the ranks every day. Personally, I cut them some slack. Just the fact that they put up with us is a lot already.

Still, I admire the fans that go the distance to have a particular fan meet T. Let me be clear, meeting Taylor is not a commodity for sale – it’s a coincidence. I don’t believe meeting an artist is something you earn, but I get the fandom’s perception of merit. It does warm my heart to see a fan truly emotionally stirred knowing they are going to meet their favorite stars. By the same token, I do understand the heartbreak when they miss the opportunity. Fairness, however, is not in the picture. Opportunity, hopefully, is. May the odds be forever in your favor.

  • May 27: Taylor headlines BBC Music’s Biggest Weekend in Swansea, Wales.
  • June 1& 2: Soldier Field. Chicago, IL.
  • June 8: Etihad Stadium. Manchester, United Kingdom
  • June 15: Croke Park. Dublin, Ireland.
  • June 22: Wembley Stadium. London, United Kingdom.
  • June 30: Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. Louisville, KY.

(Sources: Taylor Swift via Instagram. Featured Image: Taylor Nation via Twitter)

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