The rep tour Chicago: A moment of Pride

Love who you love, Taylor Nation.

The Sparkly Dressed had so many amazing moments performing at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL on Friday June 1st and Saturday June 2nd. Her surprise songs for each night were the classic “Our Song” and the party anthem “22”. She took a moment before her performance of “Delicate” for an intro and a dedication for Pride month.

It’s very brave to be vulnerable about your feelings in any sense, in any situation, but it’s even more brave to be honest about your feelings and who you love when you know that that might be met with adversity from society.

So this month and every month I want to send out my love and respect to everybody who has been brave enough to honest about the way they feel, to live their lives as they are, as they feel they should be, as they identify.

This is a month where I think we need to celebrate how far we’ve come. We also need to acknowledge how far we still have left to go. I want to send my love and respect out to everybody who in their journey, in their life, hasn’t yet felt comfortable enough to come out and may you do that in your own time. May we end up in a world where everyone can live and love equally and no one has to be afraid to be vulnerable and say how they feel.

When it comes to feelings and when it comes to love and searching for someone to spend your whole life with it’s all just really… really delicate, you know?

Taylor Swift at Soldier Field, Chicago IL
June 2nd, 2018

A little shoutout to music maestro David Cook. Yes, she near made me cry too. The Enchantress is often criticized for not speaking her mind (but curiously she’s also criticized for standing up for herself which I could write a book about). I am glad she put her thoughts into words for the world to quote.

I heard it rained during Long Live and New Year’s Day. Somehow that makes me very happy. Chicago was a wish that I had to skip over because sometimes I have to be an adult and prioritize other things in life, but I’d like to think I was there in spirit. Perhaps I’ll get to make another wish down the line, but if not I’d like to think it came true for someone else.

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  • June 8: Etihad Stadium. Manchester, United Kingdom
  • June 15: Croke Park. Dublin, Ireland.
  • June 22: Wembley Stadium. London, United Kingdom.
  • June 30: Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. Louisville, KY.

(Sources: @TaylorNation13, @TSwiftNZ, @TSwiftLA and @LaineyC94 via Twitter. Feature Photo: John Shearer for Getty Images)