Sugarland’s Babe music video drops!

This is the last time, Taylor Nation.

Okey, we know it’s not. Taylor has shown she’s always down for a collab, and this one is with yet another country star: the duo Sugarland comprised of Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush are dropping their new music video for “Babe”. Jennifer is the wronged wife, Kristian is the nosy neighbor, guest star Brandon Routh is the unfaithful husband and Taylor Swift is the other woman.

(Source: Big Machine Records)

Yes, Taylor makes for a very convincing redhead. I know, she played one in “Bad Blood” but that was another era ago. Director Anthony Mandler brings us a tale as old of time but this one is set in the 60’s. It’s worth mentioning that Taylor might be in the temptress role, but as seen in the video, it’s Routh’s Mad Men-like gentleman character who seems to initiate the affair.

The fact that Taylor is also left behind in the floor of her kitchen lends a lot of gravitas to her situation. In the end, the husband leaves his mistress believing he can come back home and finds himself being left outside in the cold.

The video for “Babe” is now out in iTunes.

I haven’t forgotten about you, Manchester. Hope you’re enjoying your second concert day! We’ll talk about you in a bit.

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(Source: Big Machine Records via YouTube VEVO)