Review Corner: Liz Huett’s Responsible

Sometimes it hurts living so rock n’roll, Lizettes and Lizards.

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The beautiful and talented Liz Huett has brought us another tale of woe and an amazing song with her new song “Responsible“. It’s very close to the lyrical female equivalent to Tom Petty’s “Rebel Without A Clue” with a dash of “Free Fallin'”. Liz song choices may not be specifically country, but they are all tales – funny, sarcastic and full of satire and wit. It’s no wonder that I end up comparing her style to Petty, because that’s how most of his songs went.

“This is looking like a shit show,” sings Liz. She’s not apologizing or making excuses but she does give out one disclaimer: “In my defense it all looked so glamorous last night.” Guess that might sound like an excuse, but it’s so poor and ill-conceived that it just seems to doom the poor girl in the song even further.

I lost it at the “Where is my purse?” line and fell down laughing. That’s a whole night of bad decisions revealed in one question. Even when our would-be-responsible heroine seems to have a saviour by the name of Amy, she sinks herself further: “She’d probably come and get me, but I don’t know the address.”

With the song starting all about Bourbon and eyelashes, one could make the easy reference to early Kesha’s “Tik Tok” and a trainwreck-like persona. I may be biased but I don’t think that’s what Liz is going for. Instead, I’m noticing a whole brand of personas she’s been adopting. They’re all part of the modern day fairytale american girl: dangerous, carefree, jealous, passionate, spiteful, hopeful, careless… and certainly not responsible.

I think what we’re getting on each new track is a new aspect or personality of real young women. Imperfect, flawed, biased and with an agenda. Rather than a stereotype you could easily fit inside a box, each new character embodied by Liz has its charm and a personality full of quirks that gives them depth. It’s almost like Liz is taking on every girl role that has never been given its time in the spotlight.

The result is an anthem to young wild heart of a girl making huge mistakes all over the place. I don’t know who the person in her phone is, but I really hope she finds her purse.

Sooo Liz… Can we get an album yet?

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