The rep tour Pittsburgh: A Place In This World (yes, in 2018)

I don’t know what I want so don’t ask me, Taylor Nation.

If there was any doubt that the Forever and Always Fearless One is going for the deep cuts, that doubt was off the table and soaring to the wild blue yonder as she performed at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 7.

No, I’m not talking about her playing “Dancing With Our Hands Tied”. She did do that. The surprise song was “A Place In This World” and don’t give me that look. You know this one. It’s a cut from¬†Taylor Swift. Yes, the album released in 2006. We’re talking her first ever album and a song that has not taken the stage in forever, if it ever did.

Taylor was probably reminiscing the other day… And went way too far. I know a twitter crowd that really wants her to play “Tied Together With A Smile” since forever and now they feel empowered to ‘campaign’ for that song again. If she’s taking requests, can I ask her to play “White Horse”?

Atlanta, you’re up tomorrow!

Coming up next in the Calendar:

  • August 10 & 11:¬†Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Atlanta, GA.
  • August 14:¬†Raymond James Stadium. Tampa, FL.
  • August 18:¬†Hard Rock Stadium. Miami, FL.

(Sources: Twitter, Instagram, Featured photo via @TaylorNation13)

3 thoughts on “The rep tour Pittsburgh: A Place In This World (yes, in 2018)

  1. According to, it’s the first time she’s played it since the San Antonio Stock & Rodeo Show, February 13 (!) 2009. So, she was a teenager the last time she took it out for a spin.

  2. That’s great. I’m always trying interested in learning more about Taylor Swift news and updates. I’m more interested what’s happening behind the scenes.

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