The rep Tour Nashville: When you think Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

I hope you think of me, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who knew Taylor had to play “Tim McGraw” in Nashville of all places, we didn’t necessarily expect the man himself on stage, nor his talented partner, Faith Hill. The Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar really went for a blast from the past, but it was the blast that defined the start of her career and in her own words, Nashville taught her everything she needed.

She opted for “Better Man” for her surprise song at the b-stage. She was going to need the big stage to contain all that talent later on.

When the time came, I’m pretty sure more than a few people got nostalgic. She went for the start on the piano, but of course she broke out the handheld mike to sing with Faith Hill. By that time more than a few people were expecting the official Tim McGraw to take the stage.

I’ve always wanted Tim McGraw to barge in the middle of “Tim McGraw” and shout “I hope you think of ME! Cuz that’s my NAME!”

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  • August 31: U.S. Bank Stadium. Minneapolis, MN.
  • September 1: U.S. Bank Stadium. Minneapolis, MN.
  • September 8: Arrowhead Stadium. Kansas City, MO.
  • September 15: Lucas Oil Stadium. Indianapolis, IN.

(Sources: Twitter, Instagram. Billboard. Featured photo via Tim McGraw’s Instagram)