The rep Tour Brisbane: Don’t you dream impossible dreams

The whole place was dressed to the nines, Taylor Nation.

The Mother of Fighting Dragons With You (New nickname! Yay) played Brisbane, Australia on November 6. That was last night if you’re in Australia. That is still tonight if you’re in America (geographically, America is the continent…). If you’re in Europe or Asia, that is… errr… (looks up Google)… Probably last night as well? Either way it was just a blast.

The surprise song on the b-stage last night was “Starlight”. I must confess, I’m not a super fan of this bonus track. It doesn’t have much of a hook in my opinion. But if you love this song, that’s still cool – you do you 🙂

T-Swizzle is up for three People’s Choice Awards with Female Artist of the Year, Concert Tour of the Year and Social Celebrity of the Year. The show airs Sunday, November 11th.

Next up, the rep World Stadium Tour is headed to Auckland, New Zealand!

Coming up next in the Calendar:

  • November 9: Mt Smart Stadium. Auckland, New Zealand.
  • November 11: The People’s Choice Awards on E! Entertainment TV. Taylor Swift is nominated for Female Artist of the YearConcert Tour of the Year and Social Celebrity of the Year.
  • November 20: Tokyo Dome. Tokyo, Japan.
  • November 21: Tokyo Dome, Tokyo. Japan.

(Sources: Twitter, Instagram. Featured photo via @TaylorNation13)