The Reputation Stadium Tour premieres on Netflix on December 31st!

Hold on to the memories, they will hold on to you, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who wrote this entire post and then deleted it all with a mistaken click, we’re once again at that time in which things are about to change a lot and then not much at all. Taylor’s got a new home in Universal Music Group and Republic Records. Change is in the air, and yet you can recognize Taylor’s signature in the stuff coming out.

But before all that, Reputation will get its proper sendoff with a proper concert movie in the Netflix streaming service. The news was announced by the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar herself as her gift to her fans on her birthday, December 13. The Reputation Stadium Tour will premiere on December 31st at 12:01am Pacific Time. It’s been called a global event so hopefully it will be available worldwide.

Coming up next in the Calendar:

  • December 31: The Reputation Stadium Tour premieres on Netflix at 12:01am Pacific Time.
  • February 10: The 61st Annual Grammy Awards. Taylor Swift’s Reputation is nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album.

(Sources: Taylor Swift via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube)

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