Weekly News Update: Cats, Grammys and freezing February

(Source: Taylor Swift via Instagram)

How’s life, Taylor Nation?

No, we haven’t fallen off the side of the Earth. Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy trying to prevent himself from freezing up here in the frozen wasteland Canada, we’re hoping it’s nice where you are… Or at least a little warmer. I wanted to hit you with some news but the ninjas and me got pretty much nothing so we’re going to grasp at a few straws. They are recycled straws, but at least we’re been ecologically minded, right?

We’re on the fence about the Snake Queen being involved in the Cats project. Yes, Taylor’s got an affinity with the frisky felines and music is her element, but regardless of how you feel about she taking on the role of Bombalurina, a pivotal role in the play and most likely a big role in the movie adaptation, something that might rile up her louder naysayers (still having trouble saying haters, sorry). I think she might surprise a lot of people if given the chance. That’s a big if.

(Source: Taylor Swift via Instagram)

The Grammys are next Sunday, February 10, at 8pm on CBS. We’re still peeved about the fact that Reputation was not nominated as Album of the Year, but downright mad about how “Delicate” didn’t earn a Song of the Year nomination. And yes, the rep album is up for Pop Vocal Album of the Year.

Rumours are flying already about whether the Mother of Fighting Dragons With You will attend. See, the BAFTAs are on the other side of the pond and Joe Alwyn is nominated for his performance on The Favourite. That’s the argument that according to Variety, but the usual “sources” is shaky ground to stand on.

On the other hand, Taylor is filming Cats at Leavesden Studios in Hertfordshire, England so proximity might just tip the scales here. The girl owns a jet, she can decide where to be almost on the fly.

We’ve updated a few pages:

  • The Profiles section now has a lead-in page including the Sparkly Dressed and intros for The Agency, The Starlights, Beyond The Agency and Various sections.
  • The Agency now includes new guitar & keyboard player Max Bernstein. The Beyond The Agency roster now has its own page as well. Remember they’re a touring band, meaning we don’t know who’s still going to be in until the next tour.
  • The fearsome foursome team of The Starlights now have their own section with newest member Jeslyn Gorman. Former members Clare Turton Derrico and Carly Thomas Smith stick around as well in the mini-section for “Beyond The Starlights” but I feel they could come back in a pinch.
  • And in a move that is more nostalgic than wise, we’re put a Various page for those profiles that we have from dancers and other artists we met during our travels to see Taylor.

Stay warm, Swifties. There’s some mean weather out there. Or like we say in Canada, it’s another Wednesday. Wrap yourself in some layers and don’t forget your nose and ears.

Coming up in the Calendar:

  • February 10: The 61st Annual Grammy Awards will be held on February 10, 2019, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. It will be broadcast on CBS at 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific. Taylor Swift’s Reputation is nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album.
  • March 14: The sixth annual iHeartRadio Music Awards returns Thursday, March 14, 2019 live on FOX at 8/7C. Taylor Swift’s video for “Delicate” is up for Best Music Video. Swifties are up for Best Fan Army presented by Taco Bell.

(Sources: Instagram, Variety, GRAMMY.com, iHeartRadio)