Review Corner: Liz Huett’s acoustic cover of “Put Me Back Together”

Coca-Cola and Hennesey might be sponsoring her , Lizettes and Lizards.

The beautiful and talented Liz Huett usually is not a fan of the traditional love song. However, when she heard Cheat Codes’ “Put Me Back Together” her reaction was one of surprise and awe.

“The first time I heard it I was floored,” she tells Glenn Rowley of Billboard. “It’s the first time I’ve related to a song I didn’t write in a such a raw way and the melody and lyrics are so beautiful, it cut straight to my heart. I just had to sing it and I wanted to put a more stripped version out that highlights how simply great the song is.”

That’s exactly what she did. In a more acoustic version that intensifies the focus on its lyrics, Liz has added her own style to the tune. It’s still very recognizable from the original but the raw feelings seem like they’ve been brought up closer to the surface. I’d love to hear her sing this live one day. It’s really her kind of song and fits in with her current music style. Update: You can get it here!

Dare we hope for an upcoming single? Music video? Album…? Okey, I’m getting greedy. Liz, whenever you are ready, we’d be thrilled to get more of your music. So, get back into that recording booth please? 😉 Update: You can get it here!

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(Sources: Billboard)